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Про компанію

Sensa is a mental health app that leverages the power of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to enhance your mental well-being. With a strong focus on evidence-based CBT strategies, Sensa equips users with effective tools to address common issues including Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Procrastination, ADHD, Self-esteem, and Burnout. The app offers a wealth of CBT content, guided exercises, and self-improvement resources designed to empower individuals to actively manage their mental well-being, resulting in an overall improvement in their quality of life. With Sensa, users gain the ability to take control of their mental health and, consequently, enhance their holistic well-being.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States.
  • Founders: Sensa.health was founded by Ravi Kumar Meruva.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2021.

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Sensa is a rather limited
вiд Sally S.

Sensa is a rather limited app, claiming to be immensely helpful for those with ADHD, but I found it to be lacking. It allows users to track a narrow range of moods, which quickly becomes repetitive and dull after a couple of days. The information it provides about ADHD is minimal and delivered in a slow, drip-feed fashion. While it offers prompts and reminders, its design seems more suitable for children than adults. Investing in a notebook and well-written books on ADHD would likely be a more worthwhile and cost-effective choice. My experience with Sensa was disappointing, and I wouldn't recommend wasting time or money on it.

It took some time to
вiд Pedro Angosto

It took some time to navigate the site and discover all its features. For example, I was unsure about the purpose of the journal for quite a while. Surprisingly, it has been more helpful than I initially expected, considering I had low expectations. The flexibility of not minding when I skip a day or two has been a plus, allowing me to digest information or take a break as needed. Although I'm still in the early lessons (currently on lesson 8), I'm trying to be patient and assume that it hasn't taught me everything yet.

I've been using Sensa for a week, and I'm genuinely pleased with the experience
вiд Nancy Byrne

I've been using Sensa for a week, and I'm genuinely pleased with the experience. The daily check-ins help me track my progress and understand my diagnosis better. Setting personal goals has been motivating, and I've already gained valuable insights in this short time. I'm feeling significantly better and more in control of my health.

I couldn't join Sensa.health
вiд Peggy

I couldn't join Sensa.health due to being hospitalized thrice. But when I asked to end my membership, their agent emailed me, showing genuine concern for my health. They promptly canceled my membership and gave a refund, which was the best response I've ever got from any company.

This app is not much helpful.
вiд Sophie

This app is not much helpful. It has basic features you find in any journal app, and you can only read a small part about ADHD every day. Plus, it's aimed at ADHD users but doesn't remind about auto-renewal. And it's expensive for what it offers. Seems unfair, not suggested.

I got the app and had 30 minutes t
вiд Brook

I got the app and had 30 minutes to decide on $45 for six months. I forget and it auto-renewed. I contacted them when it renewed but they said no refund. I asked PayPal but still no refund. Leaving one star to warn others. They don't tell you before billing. It's a scam.

The details bout puttin' off
вiд Evangeline

The details bout puttin' off stuff was good, but ADHD and anxiety info felt like repeat of procrastination lessons. Gotta make it clearer dat skippin' a lesson means losin' a paid day.

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