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Their mission is to provide an unparalleled customer experience by offering revolutionary electric bikes designed for versatility and affordability. They envision a world where transportation is energy-efficient, enjoyable, and accessible to everyone. This passionate team is dedicated to transforming the way people and goods are moved, and they achieve this by crafting electric bikes that can tackle a wide range of tasks while remaining budget-friendly. Their commitment to innovation and accessibility is at the core of their vision for the future of transportation.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
  • Founders: Radpowerbikes.co.uk was founded by Mike Radenbaugh.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2007.

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The company's reduced price
вiд Ratnaraja

The company's reduced price for the Radrhino6+ appeared to be a fantastic deal compared to anything remotely similar. They delivered the bike within the promised 10 days, just as stated on their website when I placed the order. As my first experience with an ebike, it has far exceeded my expectations. The bike itself is excellent, and I've already ridden 120 miles, much of which includes very steep terrain around my home in Scotland. The pedal-assist system works like a charm. Despite my height of 194cm and weight of 98 kilos, I consistently get around 30 miles of range with the pedal-assist system constantly engaged.

The bike is alright, though
вiд Anonymous

The bike is alright, though it's a bit heavy and hard to turn. It's cheaper than others, so that's something. But let me tell you, the customer service is just terrible. Sometimes, you won't hear back for weeks, and other times, you'll get bombarded by four different agents all at once. Their responses don't really cut it, and every time you reach out, it's like starting from scratch with a new person. I've been waiting on a refund for accessories for three whole months now. My advice? Steer clear.

Very happy with my e-bike it was
вiд Robert G

Very happy with my e-bike it was delivered very quickly to my home in Scotland. I've been out and about on it, and I must say, at 67 years old, I'm really enjoying it. It took me a bit to get used to it, but I'm having a great time. The only thing I'm not too fond of is the bell that's attached to the bike. People seem to have trouble hearing it when I'm approaching them. Not a big deal, though. I'll probably just fit another one myself.

I'm really frustrated with this
вiд Melvyn H

I'm really frustrated with this company! They advertised a sale on their bikes but conveniently left out the fact that they're completely pulling out of Europe. Now their email addresses are no longer functional, and their website has been shut down. It feels like they're abandoning their European customers, and that's just not right. This kind of behavior is a prime example of the worst aspects of American commerce.

The bike is good.
вiд M stack

The bike is good. But, customer service in Europe is now poor, even for bikes still under warranty. They say they'll help customers, but they don't. They don't reply to emails and don't replace faulty parts. Very disappointed customer.

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