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Understanding the challenges and emotions tied to seeking a loan, the service is dedicated to providing unparalleled assistance and easing the complexities of the lending process. With a commitment to helping individuals out of tight financial spots, the experienced team acknowledges the nuances of each situation. With a long-standing presence in the industry, the service's system is strategically designed to extend a supportive hand to those in need, facilitated by a skilled team and robust technology. The emphasis on efficiency and speed in money lending sets this service apart, ensuring a swift and responsive solution for borrowers.

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  • Location: The company is headquartered in Laval, Quebec, Canada.
  • Founders: PrestoCash.ca was founded by Steven Pelletier.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2020.

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Getting your money from this company
вiд Tina

Getting your money from this company takes forever. I had to go to their small office because they struggle to handle things online. If you miss a payment, they hit you with over $100 in fees. I paid $500 on a $400 loan, but when I wanted to settle the whole amount, they told me it's $330, even though they said it was $180 just two weeks ago. Trying to reach them is a pain since they only respond through email, and it takes ages. Stay away from this lender!

A hassle-free experience
вiд Rick Hatcher

Despite a minor delay in the beginning related to bank information, the team promptly reached out for verification. After a brief back-and-forth, once approved, the process proceeded smoothly. The team's diligence and effective communication eventually resulted in a hassle-free experience, and I appreciate their efforts in resolving the matter.

The experience is somewhat disappointing
вiд Doug Simms

After a year of being a client with a flawless history, the experience is somewhat disappointing. The company's approach appears consistent with a first-time applicant, lacking recognition of my longstanding relationship. This aspect of the service has left me less than satisfied with the overall experience.

Appiled fer a loan.
вiд Anonymous

Appiled fer a loan. Got an email I wos approved. They sent my loan docs I signed and returned to them. I got a response email with all signed loan docs. But funds were never deposited. I have emailed a few times with no response.

The online application was
вiд Stephen

The online application was easy to follow. But then, they wanted more info which was confusing. But they reached out fast to fix it.

The service is good and they email
вiд Herman

The service is good and they email you before taking money from your account! I recommend PrestoCash to all my friends and family.

They took a bit longer to process
вiд Jeff

They took a bit longer to process but they're legit and fees aren't too bad. Definitely get in touch if you need some cash. :)

My initial loan was for 500$
вiд Nguyen

My initial loan was for 500$, but now on my third one, they only approved me for less than what I asked for 1500$.

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