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Loona.app має рейтинг 3.1 - сформований на основi 7 відгуків, що вказує на низький рівень задоволеності клієнтів!

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Loóna facilitates a seamless transition from a long, stressful day to a restful night's sleep by aiding users in disconnecting and cultivating the ideal mood for rest. The platform is designed to alleviate the impact of stress and induce a state of relaxation conducive to sleep. Through a combination of innovative features, Loóna provides a tailored experience, allowing individuals to unwind at their own pace. The focus is on creating a calming atmosphere that promotes a sense of tranquility and mental ease, helping users naturally transition into a more serene state before bedtime. By offering a unique blend of relaxation techniques, Loóna aims to enhance the overall sleep quality for its users.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Dover, United States.
  • Founders: Loona.app was founded by Andrew Yanchurevich, Dmitry Dorin.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2019.

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The company's approach to their
вiд Luci B

The company's approach to their 7-day trial left me disappointed. To access it, I had to pay a minimum of 1 dollar plus VAT. On the 3rd day, I received an email, and by the 7th day, my credit card was automatically charged the full 72 dollars for 12 weeks without prior notice. Attempting to seek a refund proved to be a challenge. Despite reaching out the same day my trial concluded, my request was denied. The issue stemmed from not having the subscription active on my iPhone due to initiating the trial on their website through an Instagram ad questionnaire. This lack of visibility proved costly as there was no recourse for a refund. Furthermore, the company's refusal to provide a refund contradicts European Union consumer protection laws. As an EU citizen, I am entitled to a 14-day full refund policy without needing to justify my decision. Consequently, I have reported this matter to the authorities to ensure compliance with consumer protection regulations.

The company's approach to its 7-day trial
вiд Luci B.

The company's approach to its 7-day trial is concerning. They require payment upfront, and if you seek a refund after the 7th day, even on the same day your trial ends, they refuse without considering individual circumstances. The process is further complicated if the trial is initiated on their website, as it may not reflect on the iPhone app. This rigid stance on refunds, despite potential violations of European Union consumer protection laws, raises questions about their commitment to customer satisfaction and adherence to regulatory standards.

Been using this app for a few years.
вiд Joanne

Been using this app for a few years. Mostly into the sleepscapes, now called 'escapes'. They're nice but not updated much. Finished them all and going back felt pointless. Rejoined for another year hoping for more updates, but there were only a few. Won't rejoin as specials are for newbies only. Not using it enough to pay full price. If you're new, scapes and music are worth it. But once done, not so much. Male narrators are great, especially the older one. Female with fake English accent is a bit annoying.

Tried the free trial and then opted
вiд Anonymous

Tried the free trial and then opted for the paid version with a discount. This app is the only thing that helps me relax before bedtime. Dealing with epilepsy makes it hard for me to sleep, but spending half an hour on this app before bed really helps me rest, and I usually fall asleep right away! Subscription stuff was a bit surprising, but I've used the premium during the trial and canceled easily twice. Don't be discouraged by that.

Free trial didn't trick me
вiд Rebecca

Free trial didn't trick me, so I decided to pay for premium with the deal. The only thing I found to help me relax before bed. I have epilepsy and it's hard to sleep, but dedicating half an hour before bed to this app helps me rest and I fall asleep right away! Surprised at subscription problems - I've used premium on a free trial twice and been able to cancel easily. Don't be discouraged by these.

Enrolled in the trial, got a refund of $1.50
вiд Polly S

Enrolled in the trial, got a refund of $1.50, but they sneakily charged $71.99 without permission. Never tried the app, and still waiting for my money back. Finally got a refund after raising a fuss, but it took them a lengthy 48 hours to respond.

I love this app.
вiд Emma

I love this app. It works every time and I would not be without it now. I find a couple of the narators voices a bit grating so it's nice to have the option to turn them off and read the text myself.

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