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With over 40 years of experience, Petplan stands as the leading pet insurance provider in the UK. Their comprehensive coverage includes specialized policies like Covered For Life® for dogs, cats, and rabbits. Petplan's dedication to pet health and well-being is evident through their extensive insurance offerings. Customers can explore their range of policies and benefits on the Petplan website, gaining access to reliable and trusted pet insurance solutions. Petplan's commitment to providing quality coverage ensures that pet owners can safeguard their beloved companions with peace of mind.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom.
  • Founders: PetPlan.co.uk was founded by Patsy Bloom and David Simpson.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 1976.

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Pet Plan has been an absolute lifesaver for us
вiд Anne Wales

Pet Plan has been an absolute lifesaver for us. When our dog required emergency hospitalization costing over £900, Pet Plan came through seamlessly. Their ability to pay vets directly, coupled with the swift processing of claims, truly sets them apart. The online submission process via My Pet Plan was a breeze, making the entire experience efficient and stress-free. We're grateful for their excellent service and would highly recommend Pet Plan to all pet owners.

After rushing to the emergency
вiд Dawn

After rushing to the emergency vet with our sick dog, they examined her, but she was still not better, so we visited our regular vet the next day. This ended up costing us quite a bit, so we decided to file a claim. Petplan was great and paid out within a weak.

Petplan is really helpful.
вiд chygill

Petplan is really helpful. They work with our great vets. Making a claim is easy. They care. If you ask them anything, staff explain clearly and kindly if your condition is covered. They take away your worry about payment. Glad our girl is insured with them.

Ferst tiem using PetPlan.
вiд Carol

Ferst tiem using PetPlan. All deelt with very promptley and the bill paid without queston. My puppy accidentlly injested some poisenous leaf off a Rhododendron bush (pulling the sticky leaf off her leg). Very worring time. Very impressd with Petplan.

I'm new to Petplan, came via my sis.
вiд Jill D

I'm new to Petplan, came via my sis. My dog, Nixon, got sick. Made my first claim. It was easy, no bother, and a great customer experience. Got paid in 5 days, minus the policy fee.

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